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Apps4Life History

Apps4Life was created and incorporated by Albert Renshaw in 2009 in Alpharetta, GA. Its first app was the multi-colored concert lighter, which Albert coded on a plane ride from New York to Atlanta. The app allows you to change the flame color and even has a lightning flash effect.

Other successful early apps included 101 Pick Up Lines, a Dog Translator and Kiss My App – just like the classic kiss-o-meter booths from the 60's.

By June of that year, Albert had become much more creative. Apps4Life released Instruments. This app has a guitar, harp, drums, keyboard and organ, and a unique 12 sound electro-synthesizer that kids really love. In June the first Apps4Life game was released. Voodoo allowed you to name a voodoo doll, and then attack the doll with a knife, flame throwers, spikes and electricity to harm or ultimately kill the doll. It was a great stress reliever. Apps4Life also released iSign, an app that lets you type, and it returns the international sign language gesture for each character.

In early 2010, Apps4Life released several apps allowing you to draw on photos, and a Tazer app that simulates a real tazer (without the shock).

In July 2010, Apps4Life released Zombie Escape. This interactive game uses GPS and maps. The screen locates you and identifies several zombies who are relentlessly pursuing you. You must continually move to escape them as they triangulate on your position. The longer you survive, the higher your score. This remains the only game in the app store that interacts this way with GPS.

Later in 2010, Apps4Life release iTXT. iTXT was the first app that allowed you to send text messages from your iPod, iPod Touch or other non-phone enabled device – for free. It was met with such success that many copy-cat programs ensued. Apps4Life followed up with iTXT Gold, allowing users to send texts to multiple recipients, attach photos, and send many custom embedded ASCII art characters. As with iTXT, iTXT Gold was quickly copied.

When Apple implemented iMessaging into its non-phone devices, Apps4Life responded by introducing Color Texting for iMessage. Color Texting allowed you to send color texts formatted exactly like a standard text message. Color texting immediately reached the number one spot on the Top Paid Entertainment apps, and the number six top paid spot across all apps. Color texting initially sold over 250,000 copies. An update to color texting in February 2012 allowed fourteen different effects, including colored and textured bubbles.

Also in 2012, Apps4Life released Color Chat on Facebook, the only app that allows you to type and post colored status messages to Facebook.

Emoji 2 was released in late 2011, and allowed the use of a new set of 400 black-and-white Emoji characters not previously available. In March 2012, Apple incorporated this character set into its operating system, allowing the use of the color version of these characters. Overnight, Emoji 2 rocketed to the number two top paid productivity app and number 19 top paid of all apps.

Recently, Apps4Life breaks ground again with Sky Games. Sky Games is the FIRST and ONLY app that allows you to control your device WITHOUT touching it! Simply float your finger in the air above your screen and objects in our mini-games will follow it! With the release of Sky Games using the proprietary Sky Tracker software and Human Detection Algorithms (HDAs), Apps4Life has introduced a whole new means of interacting with the iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. Sky Tracker allows you to control the phone without touching it, so players can set the phone on a table and control the action by moving their hands through the air. Apps4Life's first offering, Sky Games, is a suite of four games, including ping pong, double rainbow, air hockey and dodge car. Apps4Life has several new exciting offerings in the works.

In 2013, Apps4Life released Dynamojis— their best selling app of all time. With over a million downloads in a few months, Dynamojis has been a huge success! Dynamojis is a method for allowing iMessage uers to text animated emoji smileys back and forth to each other! With iOS7 this app was updated to be an animated stickers app! Upon updating this app, Apps4Life released a spin-off called "AniMeme" - Animated Meme Rage Face Stickers for iMessages.