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Sky Games

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This month, Apps4Life breaks ground again with Sky Games. Sky Games is the FIRST and ONLY app that allows you to control your device WITHOUT touching it! Simply float your finger in the air above your screen and objects in our mini-games will follow it!

With the release of Sky Games using the proprietary Sky Tracker software and Human Detection Algorithms (HDAs), Apps4Life has introduced a whole new means of interacting with the iPhone, iPad, iPod and iPod Touch. Sky Tracker allows you to control the phone without touching it, so players can set the phone on a table and control the action by moving their hands through the air. Apps4Life's first offering, Sky Games, is a suite of four games, including Ping Pong, Double Rainbow, Air Hockey and Dodge Car. Apps4Life has several new exciting offerings in the works.

Three games in the Sky Game suite operate as two-player games against an opponent, or you can play against the computer in single-player mode. In single player mode you can adjust the skill of the computer to one of three levels. The fourth game, Dodge Car is a single-player only game, where you drive your car (or motorcycle) through traffic, making sure to avoid collisions and keep your fuel level up. Ping-Pong is an authentic match, with the addition of power ups. There are four power ups: One speeds up every ball you hit, one slows down every ball your opponent hits, one doubles the size of your paddle, and one provides a ghost paddle that hits the ball even if you miss. The first three of these power ups last fifteen seconds. Ghost paddle lasts until you use it once. In Double Rainbow, you have to fly your plane through a meandering canyon without hitting one of the canyon walls. Air Hockey has the feel of the real thing, where you guard your goal while trying to hit the puck into your opponent's goal.

Sky Tracker and HDA allow you to calibrate the system for varying light conditions and varying contrast of skin and shadows against background for optimal performance. For even more fun, especially on the iPad, place the device on the floor and use full-scale movements to play the games.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial included with the game that tells you everything you need to know to get the best out of Sky Games!